We stop and let the sky take hold of our breath

As the last of the evening light flees to the west

The stars they soon will start to pace overhead

Like the rush in a sea shell

Or a hum in the maize

Or the mutter of pages turned in haste

The banks of the river Brue lie folded in pleats

Like the lines t...

Who was there when Pangaea split

Who saw borders break and continents drift

When shifting rock and heat of time,

Cleft plates apart, pushed ice to brine

The trade winds and the westerlies

The push and pull of the gyre

The glass eel chasing estuaries

To ford and fen to mud and mire

As the leaves are doo...

When all the stars and matter in the universe

At night time speed your fearful heart

Know that some place somewhere else on this earth of ours

Dawn wages war on the dark

When you feel small, recall the lowly ammonite

Leaving its indelible mark

From the humblest rock to the furthest satellite

Dawn wage...

Well met is this wind that blows kisses in my face

The cold and the storm can't make me forget that taste

Well met is the rain that stamps lines upon this land

There's not much that's sweet and simple about this place

We're told the seas are rising

But this stretch of land I will defend

The wetlands...

There was a time when all that was known

Of our skies was danger and divine

A small boy stands face pressed to the glass

He understands the need to define

The changing shapes, the chaos and calm

The shadows cast as winds collide

Tries to explain with words not yet written

Put name to face, the need to...

Oh to the strandline he said

When a gale from the south west blows for three days

Oh to the rolling foam

Whose gifts it brings are my home

Oh for the wrecking days

Atlantic castaways

Plastic and stone

Oh for the wrecking days

Atlantic castaways

Cuttlefish bones

There lies a daily archive

A beachcomber's p...

I'll spread my sail of silver

And loose my rope of silk

My golden thread, yellow red

Pried from sand and silt

It can't be sold, this thread of gold

It belongs to womankind

So I weave it in and turn it out

This burnished silk of mine

In the shearing winds of winter

when the sea is far too cold

I'll fix a...

Ripples they go running on the incoming tide

Whisper of laughter side to side

No one goes looking whoever they may be

No one goes seeking the folk of the sea

Waves all awash on the bars of the beach

Murmur of sorrow, murmur of grief

No one goes looking whoever they may be

No one goes seeking the folk...

I've seen the tops of the trees grow taller than me

I've seen the table we built grow lichen and weeds

I've seen the sun and the martins come and go

I've seen minds grow

No one here knows what we're all going to do

But in five months time he'll be fighting for you

He's too young to know how to choose...

This darksome burn, horseback brown

His rollrock highroad, roaring down

In coop and in comb, the fleece of his foam

Flutes and low to the lake falls home

What would the world be, once bereft

Of wet and of wildness, let them be left

Oh let them be left, wildness and wet

Long live the weeds and the wild...

Charlotte lived on the mountainside, in a wild and lonely spot,
No dwelling house for miles around, except her father's cot;
And yet on many a winter's night young folk would gather there,
For her parents kept a social house, and she was young and fair

On New Year's Eve, when the sun was down, f...

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© 2019 Kitty Macfarlane 

Photography by Todd MacDonald - toddmacdonaldmedia.com