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I've seen the tops of the trees grow taller than me

I've seen the table we built grow lichen and weeds

I've seen the sun and the martins come and go

I've seen minds grow

No one here knows what we're all going to do

But in five months time he'll be fighting for you

He's too young to know how to choose but hey

I'm too young to vote, but that'll change too

They say it's nice to celebrate ends

But it can be hard to recognise them

The wind whips up mirrors in my eyes when I see

It's gonna be them not me

I dont know about the force of the moon on the tide

And I know nothing about what holds the earth in the skies

But I dont need to

I'm seventeen

Suddenly we're in our cities

Remembering our days

Our pictures are dancing

Your shoulders are shaking

Like everyone else

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