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Charlotte lived on the mountainside, in a wild and lonely spot, No dwelling house for miles around, except her father's cot; And yet on many a winter's night young folk would gather there, For her parents kept a social house, and she was young and fair

On New Year's Eve, when the sun was down, far looked her wishful eye, Out from the frosty window pane to see the sleighs pass by; In a village fifteen miles away, was a merry ball that night

And though the air was crisp and cold, her heart was warm and light

Brightly shone her laughing eye, as her lover's voice was heard, And dashing to the cottage door, young charlie's sleigh appeared; "O, daughter dear," her mother cried, "This blanket 'round you fold, For it's a dreadful night to ride, and you'll catch your death of cold"

"Oh mother no!" young Charlotte cried, she laughed like a gypsy queen, "To ride in blankets, muffled up, I never would be seen; My silken cloak is quite enough, you know 'tis lined throughout, Besides, I have my silken scarf to wrap my neck about"

Her bonnet and her gloves were on, she stepped into the sleigh, Rode swiftly down the mountainside and o'er the hills away; He cracked his whip, he urged his horse much faster than before, And they passed fifteen dreadful miles, frozen to the core

Said Charles, "How fast the shivering ice, it gathers on my brow." And Charlotte still more faintly said, "I'm growing warmer now." So on they rode through frosty air, through bright and blue starlight, Until at last the village lamps and ballroom came in sight

They reached the door and Charles sprang out, he offered her his hand, She sat there like a monument that has no power to stand; He called her once, he called her twice, she answered not a word, He asked her for her hand again, and still she never stirred

He took her hand in his - O, God! 'Twas cold and hard as stone, He tore the mantle from her face, and the stars upon her shone; Then quickly to the glowing hall, her lifeless form he bore, Fair Charlotte's eyes had seen her last, her voice was heard no more

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