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Guest singer on Ben Walker - ECHO

I'm thrilled to be a part of Ben Walker's debut solo album - on which I sing a William Blake poem (the third time now that I've found myself singing Blake's words). Released on 5th July here.

Ben Walker was recently hailed as one of the 'best acoustic guitarists in the world right now' by Total Guitar Magazine. In divided times, Echo reflects centuries-old words back to us for today, reimagined in new music. Examining traces of the past to help makes sense of an uncertain present.

Nurses' Song (featuring Kitty Macfarlane)

"So much of what's on this album came out of realising that very few things last forever, and that looking back is never simple. Putting Blake's songs of innocence and experience together makes for a more ambivalent take on nostalgia for childhood; it feels like the protagonist's singing to her younger self, not to the children she addresses. It's a young woman's song, but there's depth and regret to it. Kitty's got that reflectiveness as well as a true connection to nature that I really wanted to come through" - Ben Walker

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