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BBC Radio 3 - My Life In Music

Folk singer-songwriter Kitty Macfarlane recalls multiple visits made over time to a bird hide on the Steart Marshes. High up, overlooking panoramic views of the Bridgwater Bay, Kitty always had Tavener’s haunting song The Lamb playing as a soundtrack in her mind. The meeting of the natural world of the bay and the man-made intervention of Hinkley Point nuclear power station was mirrored by the juxtaposition of innocence and experience in William Blake’s words to this song. Tavener’s music accompanied Kitty’s coming-of-age acceptance of the duality of life.

Producer: Rosie Boulton

A Must Try Softer Production

Screenshot of BBC Radio 3's episode entitled The Lamb by John Taverner, overlaid on a picture of Kitty looking downwards on the Somerset Levels


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