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Namer Of Clouds

There was a time when all that was known

Of our skies was danger and divine

A small boy stands face pressed to the glass

He understands the need to define

The changing shapes, the chaos and calm

The shadows cast as winds collide

Tries to explain with words not yet written

Put name to face, the need to define

To give a name to something fleeting

Assigning words to speak aloud

To give the abstract world a meaning

Become the namer of clouds

Is there strength in making a mark

Sculpting clay and shaping the stones

This human need to name the sublime

Childish desire to bring the sky close

How did we become so bold

Seize the heavens claim control

We are always steps away

From our flaws and feet of clay

written by Kitty Macfarlane and Jacob J Stoney


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