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New Single - Half Wild

I wrote this in salute of salt water, and nature’s ability to reset. We’re of the same matter and mettle, governed by the same rhythms, and I think we each share some of the sea's chaotic balance of strength and vulnerability. We have the same power as the tides to leave a mark or to leave no trace.

I roped in the incredibly talented Jim Molyneux to play keys and a few other bits on this, and we recorded it at The ARC with the lovely Mark Tucker. The video was created by STANLÆY and Rob Ellis Cinematography - look out for Steepholm and the Bristol Channel in the background. I think I still have some of Uphill beach in my coat pockets... It was a delight to write this song for a Youth Dance Project run by Ballet Folk - see their beautiful film for the extended version here.

Stream or download the single here.

Watch the official music video here:


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